Group Booking


Would you like to travel with a group of 10 to a maximum of 30 people? Contact us for a non-binding offer.

Group size

At least 10 people (adults or children from 2 years of age) travel together on the booked flights (outward and return flight).
Babies under 2 years of age are not included.


We will make your group booking in the system for you. The names of all participants must be reported to the group department in full in writing no later than 20 days before departure.

The name on the ticket must match the entry in the passport or identity card.

Seat reservations

We are happy to make seat reservations for your group. The fees for this are based on the flight fare booked and the seat selected.

Issuing tickets

We issue tickets no later than 20 days before departure. Tickets issued are non-refundable. For bookings made within 20 days before departure, ticketing takes place no later than 48 hours after booking.